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Amber 02./12. // akame

amber 02.
kame/jin // (koki/maru and surprise pairings)
pg-13 // nc-17 later on // fluff, romance, angst // AU
word count (for this chapter). 5,345
It was devoted, it was passionate, it was love. Perfect, wonderful and so very fragile.

a/n. Am I late? I am. Sorry. I just couldn't get through a scene. It didn't sound good whatever I did. Please, enjoy!

The text in italics are the scenes from Kazuya's past.

o2. Jade

Three boys gathered around the table and started talking excitedly, successfully shutting out the noise of the crowded school yard. The tall, skinny boy was humming loudly, slowly but certainly getting on the others' nerves and he didn't feel bothered by that at all. The other two teenagers were talking about something, gesturing heatedly, the smaller one of the two ruffled his hair in distress every now and then, shyly chuckling.

The taller boy suddenly fell silent and patted the smallest boy on the shoulder, leaning closer and mumbling under his breath. “Kame, she's coming. Towards you.”

The boy's whole body tensed at once and apparently he needed a few moments to force his numb limbs into a more or less decent moving pattern.

“Kamenashi-kun,” the pleasantly ringing voice blended into the conversation like a magic word and the sight of the girl who approached them was no less alluring.

Kazuya jumped up and hurried to the girl, a bit stumbling on his way but determined to have a word or two with her, as far from his friends as possible.

“Hiromi-chan, good morning,” Kazuya bowed politely and finally pulling himself together, he flashed a confident smile at the young girl, who blushed a bit.

“Good morning.”

“How are you feeling today?” Kazuya asked, training his eyes on the beautiful creature who has been occupying his thoughts for months now.

Hiromi flashed a charming smile. “Thank you, I'm fine. I just wanted to ask you if you're still okay with tonight. Or maybe you changed your mind?”

Kazuya laughed at her. “I wouldn't miss the most wonderful first date with the most wonderful girl on earth for anything.”

“You don't know what it will be like,” Hiromi said, deliberately ignoring the compliment.

Kazuya leaned closer until he could make sure the girl could feel his breath fanning her ear, just a tiny bit more intimate that it should have been. “But I know.”

Blushing, the girl slowly nodded and suddenly the annoying sound of the bell echoed through the place, making the couple part, startled.

“Then I pick you up at 7,” Kazuya winked and Hiromi could only nod again in embarrassment. Then she suddenly turned around and escaped towards the building.

Kazuya turned back to his friends with a wide grin on his face and the two boys just stared at him with envy written all over their faces in bold letters.

“Lucky bastard,” the tall boy groaned, rolling his eyes.

“You're just jealous, Junno,” Kazuya retorted with a friendly puch on the other's shoulder.

“Just don't jump her, Kame. It's not nice to do that on the first date,” the other guy chuckled.

“Tat-chan, you pervert,” Kazuya smacked his friend on the head then leaned back with a smile. “I have a feeling that tonight will be wonderful.”

And it was.

Jin wasn't so nervous before the second date. He was rather excited, that was the word. He couldn't wait for Kazuya's figure to appear in front of his eyes again, that sweet smile, those perfectly-shaped eyes, he wanted to hear that enchanting voice again and feel just a little bit of that touch that had made his heart flutter in his chest the last time.

They had agreed to meet at a bar and gulp down a couple of beers, then only talk and dance. Yamapi had been bothering Jin all day, apparently he had similar plans as well, only not exactly under the same circumstances as Jin had imagined. So when he refused to hang out with him, the suspicion immediately took possession over Yamapi's mind, and of course he wasn't entirely wrong.

“Who is it?”

“Pi, I will tell you in person, we are so not going to talk about this on the phone.”

“So it's serious, huh?” Yamapi screamed on the other end of the line, not even bothering to hide his excitement.

“I don't know. We've just started dating. But...”

“But what?”

“I think it's going fine. I really like him. There's just something about him...”

“Oh God, did you fall for him already?”

“No,” Jin's answer came a bit too fast and that made Yamapi chuckle evilly.


Jin really didn't fall for Kazuya. It was highly improbable after one date. He was just enchanted by the other's personality, his every thought was circling around him and – as sappy as it may sound – he already missed Kazuya a little bit.

Okay, maybe he fell for him a little bit. Just a little.

Kazuya looked stunning again. Under his thin leather jacket, he wore an even thinner shirt that Jin wanted to rip off him then and there and throw it in the nearest corner. Not to mention those loose jeans that slipped just one millimeter beneath his hipbone and revealed a little bit of skin and flesh and muscles and oh god. That was so not fair.

“You look good,” was the first thing Kazuya said to Jin and Jin just felt like gaping and wanted to shake Kazuya that come on, just look into the mirror and then come again with something as stupid as that remark was.

“You too,” Jin answered dumbly instead and gulped, clenching his fists to resist the whispering voices in the back of his head that urged him to just pull closer and touch the younger man everywhere he could. No matter how much he wanted to pull himself together, Jin just couldn't not do anything; he just needed to do something. Anything.

So Jin settled with a quick peck on Kazuya's cheek which was answered with a happy grin and the lightest touch on his arm.

“What would you like to drink?” Jin asked as he took a seat in front of Kazuya.

“Beer for now,” Kazuya smiled and rested his chin on his hands as he watched Jin walk to the counter.

Then they just talked; Jin could swear words had never poured out of him so easily before, without any care of the word, without any taboos. He felt like he had known Kazuya since forever as the beautiful man listened to him with curiosity then bombarded him with never-ending questions. Kazuya's presence was somehow warm like a heated embrace, passionate and comforting and Jin felt trapped. It was a good feeling.

“Are you short-tempered?” Kazuya asked, gulping slowly from his beer.

Jin laughed. “Yes, you can say that. I can be pretty evil when I'm hurt.”

Kazuya looked toughtful for a second then his smile returned almost immediately. “Then I will do my best not to ever make you angry at me.”

“That would be impossible,” Jin blurted out instinctively and Kazuya reacted just as fast.

“Believe me, it wouldn't.”

Jin frowned and lifted an eyebrow questioningly, ready to ask Kazuya what he meant by that, when the younger man suddenly changed the topic. When Jin felt the soft fingertips brushing gently on his arm, he was too distracted to even remember what he had wanted talk about.

“What kind of person do you think I am?”

Narrowing his eyes, Jin stared at Kazuya, pretending to need to think about the answer and barely suppressing a smile that formed in the corner of his mouth. “I think you have a very interesting personality. You're determined, persistent and incredibly stubborn.”

Kazuya giggled quietly then nodded in agreement.

“Besides all that, you're a great listener, good company and sensitive in a way. Typical Pisces.”

Kazuya was silent for a while then hummed in amazement. “Not bad. How did you know?”

“It is part of my job to some extent.”

“Part of your job? Jewelry?” Kazuya asked, his charming features reflected genuine surprise.

Jin nodded. “Yes. Gem stones are much more complicated than you would think. Every stone has its own meaning, many of them have healing power, others attract luck or keep misfortune away. Every zodiac sign has its own characteristic gem stone, so I had to learn some things about them.”

“And which gem stone fits me?” Kazuya asked, voice tinted with the slightest provocative tone, leaning closer to Jin just in a barely noticible way.

Jin mirrored the movement; the two of them were now in obvious closeness, making the distance between them shrink to a minimum. Jin's gaze dropped to the soft and beckoning lips.

“Amethyst and amber among some others, but those two are the most fitting to Pisces.”

“Amber?” Kazuya let the word roll on his tongue slowly, something undescribable flashed across his face. The whole thing lasted only one moment and Jin assured himself that he just imagined it, especially because he got distracted again as Kazuya's lips were suddenly closer than expected and they brushed over his with an almost non-existent touch. To be honest, it couldn't even be called a kiss, much like a caress, a gentle brush. For Jin though, time had stopped, the world stopped spinning and all that cliché one can only read about in romances. His eyes automatically fell closed and he couldn't feel himself breathing for a second, only savouring the moment with every inch of his being.

Kazuya then pulled away and with a smile looking quite smug, grabbed his glass and clinked it to Jin's, who just allowed himself to draw some air into his lungs again with a breathless laughter. In the next moment they were talking again as if nothing had happened, although Jin could have sworn that the air visibly sparkled between them afterwards, the strong affection had already settled between that little space which seperated them and kept pulling them towards each other like magnet.

After a few beers the club had been packed with people and the dance floor had become crowded as the mood reached its peak.

“Let's drink something stronger,” Kazuya suggested, not really waiting for Jin's approval as he grabbed the other's hand, dragging him to the counter. “Two tequilas, please,” he shouted to the bartender, trying to be heard despite the blasting music.

Jin puffed his cheeks and exhaled nervously which caught Kazuya's attention. “What is it? Don't like strong drinks?”

Jin shook his head, amused by the mischievous look on Kazuya's face. “It's not about that. I just wanted to stay as sober as possible.”

“Just relax,” the younger man grinned and Jin could only stare as Kazuya took the slice of lemon between his fingers and brushed it to his lips, wetting them while not taking his eyes off Jin's dumbfounded face. Then he squeezed it again and let the juice drip onto his hand, putting a little salt on it and then gently took Jin's hand and repeated the whole ritual without any hurry whatsoever. Jin just held his mouth and swallowed his saliva repeatedly.

What happened after that almost caused Jin to yelp because Kazuya, instead of his own hand, grabbed his and guided his tongue to the wet path on Jin's skin, licking the salt slowly. And if the hot sensation wouldn't be exciting enough for Jin, the look the younger man gave him would have challenged the patience of every healthy man. So Jin just threw all of his remaining self-control out of the window in a split second and grabbed Kazuya's hand, pulling it to his mouth and sweeping his tongue over it, closing his lips over the silky skin for a moment.

He vaguely registered a faint sound coming from Kazuya, he couldn't ignore it, it was not even possible and he just stared as the younger man's lips parted to another silent moan.

Just right before things could get out of hand, Jin shook his head and picked up his glass, holding it out towards Kazuya. Kazuya chuckled quietly, grabbing his own and clinked it to Jin's before they swallowed the burning liquid in one go, hands fumbling for the previously abandoned lemon slices to ease the strong taste.

Jin could feel it immediately, the alcohol started to work in his system, his senses perked up and sharpened, the music beat through his body, against his bones, his skin tingling as he found Kazuya's hand and led him into the crowd on the dance floor. As he let go of the other man, Kazuya's hand raised again, settling gently on Jin's abdoman, delicate fingers gripping ligthly on the thin fabric of his shirt.

They didn't even realize when they started to dance when Jin found the distance between them gradually disappearing until nothing left between their bodies but two layers of clothing, his and Kazuya's. But those two layers were not enough to reduce the other's body heat, the movement of muscles and before Jin could wrap his mind around what he was doing, his hands were already on the other's hips, slowly touching as if exploring an unknown territory; the voluptuous curves, the wavy line of his spine as his grip tightened, willing the already almost non-existent distance between their bodies to vanish.

Judging by the way Kazuya's arms wrapped around him, it didn't seem to bother the younger man who put one hand on Jin's shoulder, the other around his back, firmly and warm.

Jin's mind stopped working at this point, the warmth spread through his body like the alcohol he had consumed earlier, only it was more effective, far more pleasant than any drink could ever be and he felt totally powerless over the way their bodies seemed to cooperate with each other as if it was some kind of chemical reaction.

Jin knew Kazuya must have felt the same as he pushed his hips and grinded them to Jin's to the rhythm of the music, although Jin had no longer any idea about the music or anything else, it could have been a waltz they played for all he cared at that moment because all the blood left Jin's brain and wandered southwards and the feeling of Kazuya hardening against his hip didn't help a bit.

Kazuya moaned quietly, his head falling against Jin's chest, falling out of rhythm, out of time and place. Jin just sank his knuckles into his hips and buried his face into Kazuya's hair, the faint scent of the shampoo coursing through him and only making him even more turned on. His lips slowly moved to reach the other's ear, breath warm and mumbling some vague words, not that Jin was aware of what he was saying, nor the way Kazuya muffled his response into his chest.

Lifting his head up, Kazuya looked right into his eyes, with the gaze of undisguised lust and longing and Jin was absolutely sure that the look on his own face perfectly mirrored what he was seeing, while his fingers found their way upwards and digging into the dark brown locks, not letting Kazuya to move away even an inch, even if he wanted to.

He could feel as Kazuya's fingers curled further, now clutching the back of his shirt with unexpected strength and his breath was brushing Jin's lips by now.

Jin wanted to tell the other how ethereal that sight was as a sweat drop slowly rolled down Kazuya's temple and the way the harshly blinking lights reflected in his eyes as he tilted his head and stood there with an almost pleading look, silently asking him to kiss him aready.

And Jin did just that. Abandoning the unnecessary words in his head, he closed that little distance that seperated their lips and kissed Kazuya, gently, just barely touching but not letting go for a long time, until he could feel the whole length of Kazuya's body melting into his embrace, the fingers sweeping across his back, reaching the back of his neck, pulling him closer.

The kiss was beautiful, perfect in every way possible, just like Jin had imagined it and beyond that. Almost unearthly, the indescribable play of magic as their tongues found each other and started to dance. Lust overcame both of them, a slight tremble shot through Kazuya's body, Jin could feel it vibrating under his palms and the club with the crowd, music and noise drifted further away, allowing their passion to surface and shutting everything else out of their minds.

They stayed like that for a long time, enjoying the other's presence, as much contact as it was possible at the moment. But Jin soon lost his last bit of sense of judgment and not caring where he was, broke the kiss, his hands just guided themselves under Kazuya's shirt, giving in to the desire to feel more skin under his fingertips.

And just then, as it was bound to happen according to Murphy, someone bumped into Kazuya from behind and that shook the couple out of their dazed state. Jin lifted his head up and sent the stranger a murderous glare and instictively pulled Kazuya closer to him when he felt the younger man pull away.

“It would be better if we stopped now,” Kazuya said, sending Jin an apologetic look.

Jin sighed but nodded, knowing Kazuya was right and it wouldn't do any good to anyone if they were sent to jail for ignoring public morals.

Not being able to resist, Jin pulled Kazuya to him for one last time and pecked the smiling lips softly.

“I feel good when I'm with you,” Kazuya admitted when their lips parted.

“Me too,” Jin said and groaned quietly. “You have no idea.”

Kazuya chuckled and gave Jin a cheerful glance before patted him on the arm gently. “It's late and I need to go to work tomorrow. I guess you do too. Come on, let's go home.”

Jin nodded and grabbed Kazuya's hand, dragging him out of the crowd. As the chilly air hit his body, Jin smiled at the nice feeling of Kazuya's warm skin between his own fingers.

“When can I see you again?” Kazuya asked, leaning closer to Jin, who happily threw his arm around the other's waist.

“Tomorrow,” he said confidently, then, as an afterthought, he added. “And the day after, and the day after... every day?”

Kazuya let out a breathtaking laughter and caressed Jin's lips with his finger before kissing him for the last time.

As Kazuya's walking figure started to become smaller and smaller, a strange feeling came over Jin as he stared after him with sparkling eyes. It was childish, he laughed at himself for being ridiculous but can't get rid of the thought that settled in his head, which was drunk on bubbling happiness and Kazuya himself – if Kazuya turned around, that would be the sign. The sign that what he was feeling wasn't only his imagination, that it could be answered and reciprocated.

His eyes never left the small figure and his heart jumped in his chest when Kazuya stopped and slowly turned around. He waved at Jin with a small gesture then turned back and walked away.

Jin had never felt happier in his whole life.

“Keep in mind, son, if you spoil a woman then there is no turning back. You dug your own grave.”

“Don't say such silly things to that poor boy, you make him scared of marriage.”

“That would be best.”

“Mom, dad, would you just stop bothering Jin with our not-so-funny family drama? I don't want him to leave just yet.”

Koki registered with a roll of his eyes that his outburst only added fuel to the fire as his parents stayed silent only for a second before throwing thousands of curses at his head for being such an ungrateful son, who even dares scold two wise adults.

Jin listened to the heated debate with a wide grin on his face. The Tanaka family had always been one of the most entertaining people he knew. Despite his appearance, Koki's father was full of good intentions and kindness and Jin noted to himself several times that Koki managed to inherit both of those features. His mother was a loud and pretty woman, who could be as sweet as honey but if she needed she would need to say only one or two words so both his son and his husband would flee with their heads tucked into their shoulders. And she mostly got what she wanted, the proof of that was hanging on her neck in the form of a sparkling diamond necklace for which the woman could never thank Jin enough.

Getting bored by the endless debate, Koki managed to slip away from the dinner table and waved at Jin to follow him to the garden in the company of two bottles of beer.

“So what's up?” Koki nudged his friend on the side.

Jin shrugged. “Nothing. I haven't won the lottery since last week. But we have a really big business at hand.”

“Huh? You're finally going to be rich? Oh no, come on!” Koki whined, making Jin chuckle.

“Well, I hadn't been poor until now, either and it was fine with me. It's not about money. If we get this business started, Yamapi will finally get off my back and I can take some time off so I will spend a month on the fabulous Bora Bora.”

Koki stared at him blankly. “Who are you and what have you done to Akanishi Jin?”

“Why?” Jin said with an exaggerated pout, pretending to be offended. “I've always wanted to go to Bora Bora.”

“You've never told me. And I don't believe you,” Koki shook his head and gulped from his beer, gesturing heatedly at his friend. “This tells me only one thing.”

Jin's eyebrows shot up into his hairline. “And what would that be?”

“That you have someone to take with you.”

The effect of his words were literally visible and Jin's face changed color. Koki's eyes lit up. “Who is it?”

Jin hesitated. “It's not about that...”

“Bullshit. Who is it?”

Jin gave up. Golden rule number one – you can't hide anything from any member of the Tanaka family if they want to know something. “I met someone.”

“Does this someone look good? Have you already had sex with her? Him?”

“Him,” Jin corrected Koki, his eyes sending daggers. “And no, I haven't. We had only two dates.”

“What's wrong with him? He isn't that pretty, is he?”

“He is. More than pretty. He is simply... wonderful.”

Koki furrowed his brows in confusion. “Then what's the matter? Why haven't you fucked him yet?”

Jin sighed and rolled his eyes at Koki's bluntness. “Exactly that is why. Because I like him. I really, really like him.”

Koki's face darkened immediately. “Oh no.”

Jin's hands shot up in defense. “Look, I know what you think. But not everyone is a heartless bastard. I'm sorry that you don't believe in love anymore but...”

“So you're in love,” Koki windened his eyes. “How can you say that you're in love with him after two dates?”

“I didn't say I'm in love with him, I said that I really like him. And that this thing might be serious. And I will do everything to make it serious. Come on, Koki, I know that your heart's been broken but if you're my friend, you will understand.”

Koki watched Jin silently for a while, keeping a straight face and firm look, then with a sigh broke the silence. “What's his name?”

A small smile appeared on Jin's face, partly because he knew, regardless of the past, Koki would be always there for him and partly at the thought of the name which never failed at making him smile. “Kazuya.”

“I already hate him,” Koki deadpanned.

Jin's smile turned into a grin, his eyes were literally sparkling. “25 years old, dark brown hair, deep caramel brown eyes, his lips are...”

“Okay, that's enough.”

Jin laughed and gulped from his beer while Koki watched his face intently. “You've really fallen for him, haven't you?”

Jin shook his head vehemently but said nothing. The stupid grin on his face told Koki everything he wanted to know. “I support you, Jin, you know that. Just take care.”

“I don't have anything to worry about. If we are not meant be then it will turn out soon. But something tells me that Kazuya is different from anyone I've met before. I've never quite felt like this.”

“Okay,” Koki slapped his thighs and stood up, swallowing the rest of his beer in a second. “Just don't give me too much information about him. I don't want to hear anything in graphic details. And now let's go and drink some more.”

Jin laughed at Koki's words and followed him inside.

“This is emerald. It means hope, wit and loyalty. It's a very powerful stone. But it doesn't fit you.”

Kazuya pulled away instantly, pouting his lips in a very adorable way. Even his shoulders were slumped. “Thanks, that's very nice of you.”

Jin giggled and pulled the sulking man back to him, gently knocking their foreheads together. “I didn't mean it like that. Emerald is good at bringing happiness to those who are broken hearted and can't move on. It helps them look at things from a different point of view. I gave one to my friend as well when his heart got broken.”

“Oh, what happened?”

“That is a very long and equally poignant story. Let me tell you another time.”

Kazuya laughed at the melodramatic tone and Jin had to gather all of his willpower to take his eyes off the younger man, turning back to the catalogue.

“What fits you the most is amber,” Jin said as he turned the pages, running his fingers over the colorful pictures of the stone.

A smile flashed across Kazuya's face – expression of something a little sad and a little proud and Jin didn't really know how to react to that. “Has anyone told you that before?”

“Hm?” When Kazuya looked up at him, it seemed as if his mind had been far away but quickly recovered. “No, not at all. I've never known anyone who earned money with gem stones and jewels. Not that I would have minded to have some buddies like that.”

Jin burst into a laughter as he pulled the other to fit his body into his own, enjoying the closeness. “Have you ever been in love, Kazuya?”

Kazuya didn't look at him, almost as if avoiding his gaze. “Once.”

The answer came as a whisper and Jin had enough experience to know that that tone didn't mean anything good – Koki used to talk like that when he was heartbroken and devastated.

“What happened?”

Kazuya bit his lips and shook his head, waving with his hands dismissively. “Not much. We just weren't meant to be. We loved each other but it wasn't enough.”

Jin nodded in understanding. “Did you get heartbroken, too?”

The younger man let out a quiet chuckle. “No, it wasn't like that. We had been dating for a couple of months and it didn't get to the point that my heart got broken or anything. It wasn't that serious.”

“It's good then.”

Jin found himself losing track of the conversation as he stared at Kazuya. They had been close to each other but when did Kazuya get that close?

It didn't really matter though because those lips were on his again and they just kissed and kissed, deep and long, without thinking of anything at all. The catalogue landed on the floor. None of them noticed.

A little later Jin swayed through his entrance door with an airy movement that would have put any professional ballerina to shame and threw himself among his sheets with a dreamy sigh. Then he just stared up at his ceiling as if it was something worth to be stared at for hours.

Kazuya was wonderful. Kazuya was hot. Kazuya was unbelievable. Kazuya was....

And his ringtone in the middle of the night was not at all that wonderful. There was some hope still alive in Jin that it was Kazuya calling him but it was crushed into nothing the moment he glanced at the screen. Jin groaned, long-suffering, and rolled on his back.

“Pi, I swear, if you don't have a very good reason to call me now...”

“I do,” Yamapi was excited, that was clear.

“What is it?”

“We made it, Jin. My spy at the Golden Bay just called me.”

“You have a spy at the Golden Bay?”

“Jin, did you hear what I said? We hit the jackpot. We've got them.”

And then it all started to make sense in Jin's head. Golden Bay. The best in Japan. And they had them. They made it.

Jin's eyes widened and his lips curved into a wide grin.

Bora Bora.

“Are you nervous?”

The question was simply brilliant. Kazuya had to state to himself, again, that Ueda Tatsuya was a careful observer. If his hands weren't shaking that bad, he would have strangled his friend on the spot.

“Tat-chan, I can't... my necktie...”

“I'll do it. Calm down,” the man murmured and stepped to Kazuya, getting a hold of the tie that had been suffering more than enough by then. “It's going to be alright, Kame.”

“Easier said than done.”

“Aren't you confident about this?”

Kazuya sighed. “Why wouldn't I be? I've never ever been more certain about anything.”

Ueda smiled. “You know, when you called me and told me that you were going to get married, I thought you've gone insane.”

Kazuya let out a strangled chuckle. “This is not the best moment for you to confess to me, Tat-chan.”

“I'm serious. I mean, oh god! You're nineteen and you've never dated anyone else than Hiromi and...”

“I love her,” Kazuya said firmly, those words and his eyes were clear and honest.

“That's exactly what I'm talking about. I can see you love her and she loves you, too. I know you two will be happy.”

“Don't get started with the sappy speech, please. I will be a married man in a few minutes but that will never stop me from going over and kick you in the ass if needed.”

Ueda nodded then without any warning, he enveloped Kazuya in a friendly hug. “Okay, come on. Let's not make the beautiful bride wait for too long.”

Kazuya inhaled sharply and gave a firm nod, grabbing the little red velvet box the two rings were lying in – the rings that adorned their fingers half an hour later as they became husband and wife, a happily married couple.


Jade is an ancient stone that has historically been used to attract love. Carved into a butterfly, in China it is a powerful symbol used to draw love.
Jade can be used to bring money into your life. Create a positive attitude towards money and visualize yourself using money creatively and productively while holding the stone in your power hand. When making an important business decision, use the prosperous energies of jade by holding it while contemplating your course of action. Jade strengthens your mental faculties and assists in clear reasoning.
Jade is also a protective stone, guarding against accidents and misfortune. Place a piece of jade between two purple candles and let the candles burn for a short while. Then carry the jade with you as a protection amulet.

a/n. So are you getting confused already? I hope so... :) Don't worry, by the time you reach the end of the next chapter, you will be even more confused:))

I apologize for Jin's Bora Bora-obsession. I don't know what I was thinking when I chose Bora Bora and I have no idea why I keep insisting on it, but it sort of just happened. It has no importance whatsoever. Just so you know, this is the place where Jin wants to go so badly:

Maybe because he can find turtles there?

Also, sorry for making the fluffy scene so ridiculously fairy tale-like and unreal. I just wanted to emphazise how perfect everything is for Jin. Yet :-P
Tags: genre: angst, genre: au, genre: drama, genre: fluff, genre: romance, length: multichapter, rating: nc-17, rating: pg-13, ♥akame
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