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Amber 01./12. // akame

amber 01.
kame/jin // (koki/maru and surprise pairings)
pg-13 // nc-17 later on // fluff, romance, angst // AU
word count (for this chapter). 5,390
It was devoted, it was passionate, it was love. Perfect, wonderful and so very fragile.

a/n. This is the fic I wrote for NaNoWriMo. Now you all ask why the hell I'm not updating my unfinished fics and you're absolutely right. But I'm in a major writer's block and this fic is finished so I figured I may as well post it up than just let it rot in my folder. I'm still translating the final chapters but the fic is complete so I will post every other day (or something).

What can I say about this fic? NaNoWriMo is all about quantity and I can't look at this fic objectively anymore. I can't make it any better. It's confusing, rough and probably has a lots of other flaws but well, I do hope it still can be enjoyable to some extent. The first two chapters are totally boring, fluffy, etc. but it will get better, I promise. I just need to get you guys in a fluffy mood so the angst can work its magic XD

If you decide to follow this fic, please pay attention to names (of the very few OCs) and gem stones. If a meaning of a stone is not revealed in dialogues, it is described at the end of the chapter. I've done quite a lot of research on this issue but if you think I'm wrong, feel free to point out my mistakes.

And um.... enjoy?


There was not even a single word Jin managed to catch in the conversation. His eyes looked past the man sitting across the table, fixed on another pair of almond-shaped, deep brown orbs a few metres away from him.

“...and that's what we should do but do it as soon as possible,” Yamapi paused and waited, looking at Jin blankly. “Are you following me?”

“Yeah, you're right.”

“And I got your sister pregnant, by the way.”

“Uhum, okay.”

Yamapi rolled his eyes and slammed his tea cup on the table. “Jin, what the hell? You're not listening!”

Jin reluctantly shifted his gaze away from the gorgeous, dark and shining pair of eyes he had been watching for the last half an hour and it seemed he finally noticed his best friend's presence in front of him, looking annoyed and irritated. Jin flashed him an apologetic smile. “Sorry, what was it again?”

Yamapi put his elbows on the table and rubbed his temples, closing his eyes as if he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. “Jin, we are talking about business here. We are friends but I called you for a business meeting now, you know and not because I want to have a chit-chat with you and certainly not for you to keep checking out some pretty guy at the other table.”

“I'm not,” Jin protested weakly, chuckling in embarrassment and immediately gave himself away as his gaze involuntary wandered back to said young man, who was sitting at the other table, alone, sipping his juice and looking back at Jin with a smile; so provocative and subtle at the same time that Jin could barely stop himself from blushing.

The stranger, indeed, was pretty. No, that was not the word. He was breathtaking; at least he took Jin's breath away in an instant, it needed him only one glance to succeed. His dark, almost black hair framed his face delicately, some bangs shielding his eyes and he shook his head slightly every now and then to reveal those captivating eyes to look at Jin. Perfectly-shaped, soft lips curled into a charming smile, tempting, and the way he ran his tongue over them so often didn't help Jin relax at all. The temperature felt like going higher by twenty degrees in the cozy restaurant as the stranger's eyes met his for the umpteenth time within that half an hour.

As the young man smiled at him again, Jin found himself smiling back, his fingers gripping his napkin in his hand. He was flirting with him. Clearly and undeniably. Jin started wondering about what he should do. Should he just stand up and ask him if he could sit at his table? This little and rather simple plan was doomed to fail, however, with his best friend sitting in front of him and trying to talk about business. Unexpectedly, the dilemma was solved in the next minute as Yamapi stood up and lazily checked his cell phone before turning to Jin.

“That's it. I'm leaving. Call me if you finally got laid so we can move on with other things as well.”

Jin looked up at the other man, arms raising in defense. “Pi, come on, I'm all yours, I'm listening.”

“Don't lie,” Yamapi scolded him, without being angry of course. Who can be angry at this adorable idiot after all? “Just call me later. And don't let him top, you have a meeting tomorrow.”

Rolling his eyes, Jin let out a sigh. “Fuck you.”

Yamapi chuckled. “Would be a bad idea. Love you, too.”

Jin opened his mouth to say answer something back but Yamapi was already walking out, not giving Jin the chance to react, but it would be a lie if Jin said he minded it at the moment as he turned back to continue his little game with the pretty stranger. Then he could only gape in surprise. The other table was empty.

“What the...” Jin muttered and threw his napkin on the table, fighting off an angry curse. He couldn't deny he was disappointed. A lot.

“Sir, excuse me.”

Jin looked up and blinked at the waiter curiously.

“The young man who was sitting there,” he pointed at the stranger's table. “Asked me to hand this to you.”

A paper napkin, identical to Jin's, was folded in the waiter's hand. Jin slowly took it and nodded to the man. “Thank you.”

Swallowing in excitement, Jin looked around again then brushed his fingers over the bumpy surface of the napkin. He prayed for it to be what he wanted it to be.

Unfolding it under the table, he glanced at it carefully and a smile found its way to his face. Just a name and a row of numbers; it was enough to make Jin feel like an excited high school boy before his first date.

“The shipping fees went higher compared to last month. I don't like it at all,” Yamapi complained, flipping the pages of the catalogue angrily. Jin hoped it would stay in one piece.

“The new stones are useless, they don't fit the rings, maybe we should just drop the order and look for another partner,” Jin placed his palm on his friend's hand, stopping the nervous fidgeting which started to get on his nerves.

Yamapi looked at him blankly. “What do you mean 'don't fit'?”

“I mean those rings need a softer material. Stones that can be shaped easily.”

“Then what the hell are you still doing here, Jin? Find someone who brings us the stuff at an acceptable prize.”

Jin threw his arms in the air. “No need to snap at me, Pi. I've already done that.”

“You've done that?” Yamapi repeated, quite amused.

Nodding, Jin flashed charming smile. “Ever heard of Golden Bay?”

It was amusing, really, how Yamapi's face changed in slow-motion, from blankness to confusion and from disbelief to excitement. Now he looked like he had just won the lottery. “G-g-golden Bay? Jin!”

“They haven't answered yet,” Jin warned the other man, though he could hardly surpress a smile of victory.

“Oh my...” Yamapi shouted then clapped his hands on his mouth and lowered his voice into a harsh whisper. “Oh my God, Jin.”

“I know.”

“They are the most... the best... the...” Yamapi stuttered, making Jin chuckle silently.

“Hey, Pi, don't be too excited, okay? We're still waiting for their reply. But they seemed quite enthusiastic. So there is hope.”

“Okay, okay, okay,” Yamapi mumbled, pressing his palms on his eyes to regain his composure. “I'm waiting, waiting, waiting. Jin.”


“If this business will be successful, we're out of shit.”

Jin nodded, suddenly serious. “I know. We're going to make it, Pi.”

Akanishi Jin wasn't a lonely person. He had friends and admirers; popular in his own league and his looks earned him some kind of fame, his charming personality drew attention and he sure as hell liked it.

Contrary to popular belief, Jin wasn't a player. He had rather romantic ideas about relationships and love. He'd had a couple of girlfriends and a few boyfriends in the past, but only one of them occupied a special place in his heart. The affair started when Jin was eighteen, graduating from college and ready to conquer university.

The first day he set foot in the enormous building, he met another student; tall, handsome, slightly clumsy and incredibly hot. And that was the start of their relationship that led Jin through heaven and hell, love and hatred, smiles and tears. Nothing particular, nothing special. Love.

Then that love eventually came to an end, there were no dramatic break ups and make ups, no yelling or angry phone calls. Just some awkwardly-mumbled apologies, a friendly hug and their ways parted. They had fallen out of love.

After the first serious relationship, Jin had some attempts to fall in love, not too successfully. Some of them became part of his life as friends or buddies that one can hang out with and gulp down a couple of beers. Some of them disappeared forever.

Jin didn't mind, he had some experience, he could read the signs when it came to flirting; he could feel when he was given those stares, he knew when he was liked.

Just like the way the stranger looked at him. It was a bit weird for Jin to get so excited about it. But he had to admit, the other was handsome; beautiful even. He didn't like the word; it was thrown so often just at everything without really meaning it and made it sound so superficial. But now he couldn't find a more suitable word to describe the man.

That smile on his face. Jin wanted to groan just to think about it. It was enough for him to throw all his innocent and romantic thoughts away and just let himself be overtaken by sinful images of those luscious lips parting sensually to whisper into his ears; whisper something dirty maybe or just a quiet plead while his body would arch in pleasure underneath his own.

Two days had passed and day-dreaming about the pretty stranger became Jin's favorite hobby. It was like a secret obsession he couldn't take his mind off. The piece of paper was always with him, hiding it in his pocket, fumbling with it sometimes while the stranger's name kept rolling on his tongue like a mantra; he liked the taste of it and it tasted good. It was sweet and playful with a hint of steaminess and erotic bliss; it surprised him how many ways there were to say those three syllables. Jin was sometimes rushed by silly thoughts like there had never been anyone with the same name he knew and it felt as if it was unique because of that single fact. How stupid.

Before he knew, he already memorized the numbers, repeating them every now and then and at times like that he trailed his fingers over the buttons of his phone, trying to pluck up the courage to dial. He didn't know why it was so freaking difficult. It wasn't the first time he got a phone number from a pretty man, and with that the chance was given as well; the possibility of a start of something new. Something significant, or maybe just a chance to get to know more about the other then part ways but it didn't really matter. Not trying was always worse than take the risk and failing.

Now Jin was just reluctant to take that step. It was a weird feeling, something that settled in the pit of his stomach like some kind of bitter pill. Like a warning, a stop sign. The pretty man was like a forbidden fruit and Jin didn't know what triggered those thoughts in him since he knew nothing about the man. Absolutely nothing except for a melodious first name and a row of numbers.

But just like the forbidden fruit in Paradise, it was tempting and Jin wanted nothing else than taking a bite from it and enjoy the taste.

Something held him back though and he couldn't quite put a finger on the annoying voice murmuring in the back of his head that ordered his fingers to stop just right before they swept over the buttons of his phone. He felt nervous as if the whole thing held a greater importance than he would ever think.

Jin glanced at the number on the paper lying on his palm, crumbled at the edges and the ink faded, although only two days passed, the paper looked like it was ten years old. He smiled a bit, thinking of the pretty face framed by brown locks, the elegance in his moves, the subtle royalty in his gestures, the shiny pair of endless, dark eyes.

Raising the cup to his lips, Jin took another sip of his coffee, eyes fixed on the table in front of him. It was the same table the stranger was sitting at two days earlier.

The vibration in his pocket shook Jin out of his thoughts and he laid the paper on the table, momentarily forgetting about it.

“Yup,” he exclaimed playfully, knowing that his best friend was on the other end of the line, probably wanting to talk about business.

“Jin, I need you here,” the man whined and Jin smiled at how childish he sounded. He felt almost young again.

“Tell me what I can do for you, honey.”

“Just bring your pretty ass here and talk to Tanaka-san, please. He says his necklace is not exactly what he had ordered.”

“What the...”

“Jin, please. If he backs away from this, I...”

“Okay, I'm on my way,” Jin stood up and hurried to the counter to pay. “Just keep him there.” He hang up and rushed out without taking a glance back. If he had, he would have noticed the paper still lying on the table, forgotten.

The company was in chaos, like a place struck by a volcano eruption, people shouting and panicking, running from one place to another, up to the second floor then back again, as if they were searching for survivors.

Jin could hardly find a path to push himself amongst the crowd to reach Tanaka, who was sitting like Al Capone, with a cigar in his mouth and a hat on his head, calmly monitoring the moves of those who were running around him in circles, trying to please him. Not that he paid any heed to any of them. He just found it quite amusing that the authority he represented had so much power over everything and everyone.

“Akanishi!” He shouted when he finally caught a glimpse of Jin, who was squeezing himself forward in the crowd.

“Tanaka-san, how are you?” Jin panted, putting the sweetest smile he could muster onto his face.

“Don't be so confident, Akanishi,” Tanaka roared, standing up and walking with smooth elegancy to the younger man. “What the hell is with that necklace? Didn't I tell you that my wife wanted it heart-shaped?”

Jin gulped and stole a glance from the object in question, the shining, diamond necklace that was lying on the table, on red silk. Flawless and perfect. And heart-shaped.

“Tanaka-san, the necklace is exactly what you have wanted it to be. I can assure you...”

“Don't assure me of anything,” the man cut him off, then leaned closer, his eyes sending daggers. “Don't think you can make a fool out of me, Akanishi, just because you're my son's friend.”

Jin bowed a bit, trying to surpress a chuckle. “You know that I have no intention to make a fool out of you, Tanaka-san. The necklace was done especially for your wife, I'm sure she's going to love it.”

Narrowing his eyes, Tanaka pulled away and sighed dramatically. “Oh God! Why do I have to suffer so much? Don't ever get married, son.”

Jin smiled at the older man. “I can't promise that but it won't happen soon.”

“You'e right!” Tanaka patted his shoulder. “You haven't forgotten about dinner, right? Friday evening.”

“I'll be there.”

“Alright, time to go. Someone's waiting for me,” Tanaka winked at Jin. “Are you sure about that necklace, son?”


“Okay,” Tanaka beamed and gave Jin a brief nod which Jin mirrored instantly then just watched the man walking out as if he was sweeping on the red carpet. As the door closed behind him, the entire building heaved an audible sigh of relief.

“I don't get why he's doing this,” Yamapi appeared behind Jin and shook his head.

“You're taking him too seriously. He's not that bad.”

“Yeah, sure, easy for you, he loves you like his own son,” Yamapi said, voice dripping with sarcasm.

“And I look at him like I've never looked at my own father,” Jin replied quietly.

“I know,” Yamapi said softly. “And that's why you have a crazy brother now. Congratulations.”

“Koki's not that bad either,” Jin chuckled and dug his hands into his pockets absent-mindedly, then suddenly paled. “Shit.”

Yamapi looked at him. “What?”

Jin stuffed his hands deeper, feeling his pockets oddly empty. The paper. “Yamapi, give me a pen.”


“Just give me a fucking pen!” Jin shouted at his confused friend, who reluctantly complied.

Jin threw himself on a chair an grabbed a sheet of paper, starting to scribble frantically. “Two... seventeen... five... no. Zero, five... Shit, I can't remember.”

“What are you doing, Jin?” Yamapi glared at him, totally clueless about what to do.

“Nothing, I have to go,” Jin stuttered nervously and Yamapi just shrugged, not knowing what to do with the anxious expression on the older man's face. It had been a long time since he saw Jin so worked up over other than his favorite gemstones or soccer.

So he just furrowed his brows and followed Jin with his gaze, wincing when the other bumped into the secretary's desk and doubled over in pain, obviously from almost breaking his toes, then yellling apologies on his way out.

It couldn't be true. This just couldn't be true, Jin chanted to himself as he stormed inside the cafe. How could he forget to take that damn napkin? And how come he didn't remember when he knew the whole thing by heart before? And why didn't he save that freaking number in his phone?

Jin tried to convince himself that those were just mere consequences of his own clumsiness and stupidity and not some kind of bad omen, as it seemed.

His eyes scanned the place as he arrived, panting and sweating. His usual table was empty. Literally empty; not only unoccupied, the paper was missing, too.

Almost losing all his hope, Jin rushed to the waiter – the same one who had handed him the number two days ago. In the man's eyes there was a flicker of recognition as Jin approached him and that was somehow promising.

“Excuse me, I-I don't know how to ask this but... I was here earlier today and left something on the table..”

“Was it this one?” the waiter asked, pulling the faded, folded paper napkin out of his pocket.

Relief swept over Jin in an instant and he pressed a his palm on his heart, realizing only now how hard it was beating. “Yes. Thank you.”

Handing him the paper once again – déjà vu, Jin smiled to himself –, the waiter flashed him a knowing smile.

Stepping out of the cafe, Jin slumped down on the nearest bank and typed the number hastily in his phone, double-checking and saving it carefully. Then he heaved a long sigh. If that wasn't the best moment to finally call the pretty stranger then Jin didn't know what it was. That would be the first thing after arriving home, Jin promised to himself, smiling.


His voice was lower and smoother than Jin expected and just like his smile, it was provocative and subtle. Dangerous combination, Jin thought as he swallowed and cleared his throat.

“Hm.. Kazuya?” he asked, enjoying as the name he had become so familiar by now resounded in the empty room. He said it to himself so many times, yet it felt so different to say it to the person it belonged to.


Jin gulped again. He was feeling pretty nervous and was afraid of making a fool out of himself but there was no way he would back out now. He would regret it, he knew.

“It's... my name is Akanishi Jin. We met at the restaurant yesterday. Or actually we didn't meet, but...”

“Took you long.”


“I thought you would call me yesterday, I've been waiting for your call, you know,” there was a change in Kazuya's voice as it sounded amused and flirty, and Jin knew the other was teasing him. He sighed in relief and smiled to himself.

“Really? Well, you didn't make it easy for me, don't you think?” he asked, adjusting his tone to Kazuya's and bit his lips when he heard Kazuya chuckle quietly at the other end of the line.

“It worked, right?”

It was Jin's turn to chuckle. “Yes, it did.”

“I like your voice, Jin,” Kazuya said then paused. “You don't mind me calling you Jin, do you?”

“Not at all. And I call you Kazuya since you didn't tell me your full name.”

He heard Kazuya sigh but a smile was evident in his voice when he spoke. “Surnames are not important. Kazuya is fine.”

“Okay,” Jin breathed deeply. “Say, Kazuya, would you like to meet me? Let's say... tomorrow?” He held his breath as he waited for the answer.

“Tomorrow? Why not tonight? You have something to do?”

Jin let out the air he had been holding with an amused laughter. “You don't waste your time, do you?”

“No. Life is short,” the answer came a bit too quickly but Jin relaxed when he heard Kazuya laugh breathily.

God, the man was seduction itself.

“Alright then. Tonight.”

Jin was probably having his first heart attack. He had never thought it was possible to be so nervous about a date. Just a date, a simple date. Just a simple date with an incredibly hot man who is attractive and alluring beyond description and he shouldn't be so nervous, right? Sure.

So Jin kept taking deep breaths and allowed himself a bit of nervousness. Not too much, just enough for him to spend – instead of the usual half an hour – more than two hours to pick the most fitting clothes and bring all his stylist skills to perfection. It's not like he didn't care about his appearance but he didn't need to especially trying to make a good impression.

Until now. And Jin had to surrender to the fact how important his vanity was to him at the moment, only judging by the pile of clothes and at least twenty pairs of shoes scattered in every possible corner of his apartment, which was quite ridiculous, to say the least. Jin didn't think he would be acting so girly but it seemed every rule was going to break that day.

They agreed to meet in a park, far from the noise of the traffic, a place little bit hidden. It was Jin's idea of course, and he wanted to bang his head against the wall for coming up with something so sappy. In the center of the park stood a fountain, which was lit up by several lamps when the sun began to set and made a wonderful sight.

Jin regretted his suggestion the moment it left his lips and the other end of the line fell silent then heaved a long sigh when Kazuya excitedly breathed into ears: “I love that place.”

So maybe Jin was not that sad, much less because it was only a matter of minutes to finally meet the pretty stranger, hear his voice and look into his eyes.

He was early, of course. Not a bit, he was almost an hour early, the sun was already sinking beneath the horizon and the air felt cooler on Jin's skin. And the nervousness clawing his stomach did not help him to calm down, so he couldn't do anything else than rubbing his hands together and folding his collar in anxiety.

He could make out Kazuya's figure from afar, right between a couple who was walking their dog and some cheerfully chatting teenagers – the man was walking with the same nonchalant elegance, one hand digging into the pocket of his tight, black jeans, the other hanging lazily at his side. He was wearing a thin, dark jacket, his curves subtly sharpened against the fabric, his muscles slightly heightened under the layers of his clothes. It was enough to draw attention and make one to roam his eyes over the pretty figure and their imagination start wander into a direction, for which this certainly wasn't the best occasion.

As Kazuya noticed Jin, who stared at him with his jaw dropped, smiled and waved, picking up his pace a little to reach him faster.

“Hello,” he greeted Jin immediately, still smiling.

Jin was looking at the other, enchanted, hardly being able to turn his gaze away from those deep brown eyes even for just a second, letting himself to be lured by the orbs that now reflected the lights that surrounded the fountain – he wondered for a moment when those lights were switched on, probably somewhere between his jaw hitting the floor and Kazuya's greeting in that melodious voice of his. It's not like he had any chance against such distraction so Jin stopped thinking about this insignificant little detail and flashed a nervous smile, stretching out his hand.

“Hi, I'm glad we finally met,” he said a little bit more firmly as he realized he was not that nervous anymore and started to get his confidence back, his smile now charming and powerful again.

Kazuya laughed. “We'd met before.”

Jin's smile froze on his face for a moment. So much about self-confidence. “Y-yes, I mean... I mean..”

“I know what you mean, don't worry,” Kazuya grabbed his hand and shook it, his palm soft but firm against Jin's. It felt good. “This is our first date,” Kazuya added, obviously enjoying as Jin lost his voice the second time.

Kazuya's voice was still as pleasant as it was through the phone though. Not only his appearance but also his voice had a great impression on Jin – melodious but low and manly, a little breathy. It was hot, that's for sure.

“Errr.. let's sit on a bench, what do you say?” Jin tried to pull himself together, competely aware of the fact that Kazuya was still holding his hand, gently but with strength just like he did anything else – like the way he talked and moved. Jin knew that no matter how much he wanted to hold his hand for hours, he had only two chances; he would blush – which didn't sound so manly in his head – or jump on Kazuya – which was not too polite.

Kazuya slowly slipped his hand out of Jin's hold, not breaking the eye contact and the small smile stayed there on his face, too and just nodded, following Jin as the other walked to a bench.

“Tell me something, Jin,” he started when they sat down, not too close and not too far from each other, in a comfortable distance. “Would we be here if I hadn't given you my number?”

“What do you mean?” Jin asked curiously.

“Well, you know, would you have come to me if I had been just sitting there and waited for a little while?” There was a playful smile on Kazuya's lips, the lights fell on his soft features. Jin realized it too late that he was staring again. He snapped his head away and stared into the the water in the fountain.

“I don't know. I don't usually talk to strangers,” he answered honestly, wondering if it was a bad thing or not.

“So now do I get bad mark for doing it?”

“What? No, certainly not,” Jin shook his head vehemently, realizing that he was being teased as Kazuya chuckled at the reaction.

“Well then. Talk to me about yourself, what do you do in your life?” Kazuya crossed his arms, faking a strict, scrutinizing glare.



Jin burst out laughing and suddenly felt his nervousness finally fade away. Kazuya was friendly and a good company, he was easy to talk to. “Yes, it's completely legal.”

“That's interesting. It must be more interesting than scanning catalogues and taking orders all day, I guess,” Kazuya tilted his head playfully and pouted a bit. Jin felt like pulling him closer and kissing him since there was any air left in his lungs.

“So that's your job?”

Kazuya nodded without any sign of enthusiasm, dark brown locks falling into his face, covering his eyes, only for a moment, until he brushed them back, his long lashes slowly fluttering against his cheeks. Jin hoped he wasn't drooling.

“That's it. And the rest of my life isn't that exciting either. I had a completely normal childhood, I studied and got into troubles every now and then, just like every teenager does, got my degree and now I'm here.”

“Well, my story is similar. Nothing extraordinary.”

“How old are you? You can't be much older than me.”


“Not more than two years, just like I guessed,” Kazuya smiled and Jin couldn't stop himself from smiling back.

The rest of the evening was pleasant, a little excitement flavoured every moment and Jin eagerly waited for Kazuya's reaction to his words, watched his every move.

When they parted ways, Kazuya insisted to go home alone, so they stood at the gate of the park, saying their goodbyes.

“I had fun, Jin,” Kazuya smiled again, with honesty and cheerfulness in his eyes that made Jin feel all warm inside.

“Me too. When will we repeat this?”

Kazuya laughed and tilted his head back. “You're not wasting your time, right?”

“Life is short,” Jin replied, echoing the other's words from earlier.

“True. Whoever told you that, must be a very clever person.”

Jin chuckled and pulled a little bit closer, letting the scent of Kazuya's cologne draw him under control, making him feel like he was drunk and then just stared into those alluring eyes, enchanted. His hand rose automatically and found Kazuya's, his fingers slowly wrapping around the other's.

“I want to see you soon.”

“Does this mean that you like me?” Kazuya whispered, closer and closer to Jin until the heat of his body covered Jin like a magic circle from which it was almost impossible to break out. Not that Jin had any intention of trying.

“Yes,” he managed to blurt out and an ethereal smile lit up Kazuya's face and he leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Jin's cheek.


“Yes,” Jin answered ridiculously fast.

Kazuya chuckled quietly and sealed the promise of the next date with a gentle squeeze of his hand. “See you tomorrow then.”

Then he let his fingers slowly fall out from Jin's and walked away while the other just stood there and looked after him until he disappeared, turning around the next corner of the street.

Jin eventually turned around and started walking into the opposite direction, with furiously beating heart and a silly grin on his face.


A sapphire means blue in Greek. The blue goes from dark blue almost black to pale blue. The finest blue sapphires are a strong blue. The star sapphire is very valued. Sapphires of colors other than blue are always referred to with the color. There are pink sapphires, yellow sapphires, violet sapphires, green sapphires and clear sapphires. Today most sapphires are mined in Australia.
It is said a necklace of sapphires will cure a sore throat.
The sapphire was called the "Stone of Destiny". Sapphires contribute to mental clarity and perception. They can promote financial rewards.
The sapphire is the symbol of heaven and joyful devotion to God.
Sapphire is associated with Aquarius, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn. It is the birthstone of September and has been the birthstone of April. Sapphire is the symbol of Saturn (dark blue) and Venus (light blue).

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